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WE LOAD CASH!  We can load cash into your ATM Machine Portfolio, ATM Machine Route, or ATM Location.  Cash management can be difficult and time consuming, and of course it ties up a lot of capital.  If you’re looking for a very organized company to come in and manage your cash logistics needs, we are here to serve you!

Did you know that 30% of our revenues come from loading ATM Machines for other customers, partners, and affiliates?  We will be happy to Cash-Load for your companies’ ATM Portfolio or ATM Machine.

We offer several benefits while we cash load your terminals

  1. Wipe Down, Clean and Check and Clear ATM of any and all Errors
  2. Monitor ATMs Every 3-4 Hours Online
  3. Take Preventative Maintenance–if we notice dispenser, communication, or card reader issues, they will be reported, fixed, and serviced right away
  4. First Line Maintenance (Non-Hardware Issues Fixed)
  5. Second Line Maintenance (Free Replacement of Parts* (Labor will be covered))
  6. Insurance on cash loaded
  7. Receipt Paper Replenishment

We Offer Many of these services for a flat cash-vaulting rate of $.75 to $1.25, depending on volume.

Contact us for more information, or 858-314-8ATM

(Nationwide Service Available–We have partnered and affiliated with over 100 service technicians around the country to provide the service with our standards of excellence.)