Hotel ATM Placement Services

Hotel ATM Placement Program Benefits

ATMs have become a valuable necessity to every hotel.  Guests want to be able to get cash easily without being inconvenienced.  Hotel guests will need money to tip their valet and bellmen for their excellent customer service as well as transportation expenses.

We Offer:

  • Free ATM Placement
  • Free ATM Processing
  • Free ATM Installation
  • Free ATM Programming
  • Free ATM 24/7 Monitoring & Support
  • Free ATM Services (Paper Supplies, Signage, Maintenance & Repair)
  • Additional Benefits for the Hotel

* Hotel Guest Convenience

* Bellman and Valet need Cash tips

* Cash for Cab Fare/Airport Ride

* Guests are not forced to cross town for cash

* ATM Machine that is always working 24/7/365

* Listing Additional Amenities (ATM) on website, travel guides, etc. for your guests