10 August 2014
10 August 2014,

Did you know that we make Custom ATM Cabinets for our customers?

At Pacific Processing, we make sure that your venue’s theme, color, and decor are a  perfect match.  This is just another way in which Pacific Processing takes their customer’s ATM Experience to the Next-Level.

Pacific Processing’s Nationwide ATM Placement Division, will, when provided with a sample or color code, build from scratch, paint, layer, and gloss the cabinet that matches your hotel, venue, nightclub, restaurant, or apartment/condominium complex.

We are pleased to have placed this particular ATM in a Luxury High Rise Condominium Tower in Las Vegas, Nevada. Contact us today for a custom cabinet or custom solution that will allow you to feel more comfortable placing an ATM in your venue.  please email sales@pacificprocessing.com for more info.

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