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  • 113 WEST G ST #414 SAN DIEGO, CA 92101

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  • 858-314-8ATM

Do I need a phone line?

You do not need a phone line. We are 100% wireless and we pay for the machine’s monthly wireless bill. We use wireless TCP/IP modems, which have Static IP addresses, and basically have sub-10 second transactions – meaning your customers will get their money out faster.

How much energy does the ATM use monthly?

ATM’s do not use much energy because they are in idle most of the time. When transactions are being performed, only a little bit more power is used. A machine that is left on 24/7 for 30 days, with an average of 300 transactions, your electrical cost would be roughly $3-6 dollars per month.

When does the machine get filled up? Do we need to call?

Our technicians monitor the machines online, 24/7 in real-time. You never should have to call us to fill the machine, as we use forecasting formulas to efficiently determine the cash needs of the business for the week, month, and for special holidays. We work around the clock to make sure the ATMs are always filled. If there is a service issue, you can direct your customers to call the 800 number on the front, or call us directly, and we will come and fix the issue in a timely manner.

What does this program cost me?

Nothing. With our revenue sharing program, all of our fees are taken out of the transactions. Even if there is low transaction volume we will not charge you. Revenue sharing production depends on location and volume.

When do I get paid?

We will direct deposit or provide a check for your payment. Pacific Processing will also provide a monthly report via e-mail, fax, or regular snail mail, as preferred.

How much do I get paid?

Your business will receive 20% of the surcharge revenue. For example, at $2.50, your business will receive $.50 on every transaction made where a surcharge is collected.

For example, if your business receives:

100 transactions = $50
200 transactions = $100
300 transactions = $150
500 transactions = $250

Depending on the monthly volume, we can also set up tiered commission payouts.

How do I cancel?

Cancel at any time without obligation. Pacific Processing’s partnerships are so successful that we have never had to remove a machine from a business ever. Our business partnerships are successful because we set realistic expectations, handle all of the service and share best practices.