Welcome to Pacific Processing, Inc.

Pacific Processing is a leading provider of ATM Machines, ATM Cash Management and ATM Portfolio Management, Credit Card Processing, Merchant Services and Mobile ATMs for Special Events. We are a vertically integrated cash management, warranty, parts, replacement, technical service and mobile event service company.

The company was founded in Sunny San Diego and has quickly expanded into becoming a multi-city organization. We have expanded satellite offices in:  San Francisco, Los Angeles, Orange County, Scottsdale, Phoenix, Tuscon, Las Vegas, Dallas, Houston and Austin. We have a team of over 250 certified technicians and affiliates with whom we are aligned.

By teaming up with two of the largest ISOs from each industry, Pacific Processing is able to offer the lowest drive rates, interchange rates and fees in the industry. With our Full ATM Placement Program we will provide and install a machine for your business at no cost.

We also offer reverse placements, cash loading services, insurance and month-to-month processing programs. Our team is comprised of the industry leaders from both the ATM and Merchant Processing industries to provide our customers with the most comprehensive program for their Cash Logistics and Merchant Processing needs. We are 100% Committed to CUSTOMER SERVICE.

For more info, please call, 858-314-8ATM, or email

The Future of the Industry.


The Payment Industry has a rapidly changing landscape... With Bit Coins, Square Payments, NFC Chips in phones, EMV Chips in credit cards, Retina Scanners and Thumb Print Scanners; who knows how this technology will affect their business? Pacific Processing does.

We recognize the importance of staying on the bleeding edge of technology. We are passionate about technology because we recognize the benefits of information, technology and optimization of business operations for our customers.

Our research and development department is constantly looking for new ways to help increase our customers' sales while reducing their overhead and administration. By reducing time spent on processing, logistics and administration our customers are able to spend more time on their production.

We are building a foundation that enables your business to stay efficient and secure, this is why we are so interested in the relationships we have with our customers. We get to know a business and understand the ebb and flow of the business model which allows us the ability to focus on solutions, so you can focus on your business.